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Post by hyperrobbie on Sat May 02, 2009 8:50 pm

Name: rob
Age: 15
Location/TimeZone: central
Online Time: im on and off. i have school and a job but im normally on like 3-5 hrs a day
Job Applying for: gm
How can I help make a difference: Enforce the rules, help others, hold events, and be loyal.
Why I should be hired: Im loyal to every server ive played and Ijji gunz. I wouldnt say im perfect in every way but im working to make things that i need to work on better.
Previous Experience(s): i don't have any expeiriece as a gm, but i have a 38 or so on Ijji gunz, a 27 on dark gunz, and a 72 and 57 on trinity gunz.


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