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Post by Simplicity- on Sat May 02, 2009 8:33 pm

Name: Mikhail Josh Avelino (call me Josh)

Age: 18 (mature enough)

Location/TimeZone: +8 (Philippines)

Online Time: 12 Hours a Day (Depends)

Job Applying for: GameMaster or Administrator

How can I help make a difference:
I can give a good Gaming Community To all Of the players...
I will follow rules and i will help players when they need me..

Why I should be hired:

The Four Reasons why you should hire me:

1. Hackers :
To Be Banned For Destroying The Good Gaming community..

2. Swappers :
To be banned for not being fair to other players who are doing there best
to level...

3. Spammers :
To be banned for being annoying to players....

4. .......To have a Good Gaming Community......

Previous Experience(s): Courage Gunz Moderator, Extreme Gunz Moderator.

For you To believe that i have experiences...

I know all GM Commands:

/admin_halt Stops the server
/jjang Give the character an Event Winner sign
/ban Bans the player
/admin_ban Disconnects the player from the server
/admin_wall Makes a server announcement.
/removejjang Takes the jjang away from the character.
/changemaster Changes the master for the game. (Only works in gameroom and in game)
/changepassword (pass) Changes the password of the game. (Only works in gameroom)
/admin_hide Hides from all players. Allows for "watching" functionality (similar to being on a player's team but being dead

/admin_switch_laddergame 1
/hide (Same as the /admin_hide)

(i believe the /gt commands does not work anymore)


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Post by Sara on Sun May 03, 2009 12:49 am

Good Luck


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