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Post by Heartless on Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:52 am

Well for your information, light had been the most patient and hard working of us all. He had stay up all night last night (saturday night) and work on the client and everything etc. we didn't log off till 4 Am this morning. But for all that we are almost done with our client. The Client should be up and running Todays (sunday). I dont know the exact time the client would be up but it would be up sometimes todays. But if something is wrong then it would tomorrow. Sorry about the inconvenience.



We are still waiting on our Interface to come in. so hang in their guys we are almost their!
Everything is at 99% completes waiting on interface and adding new BGM and Loading Screen i hopes.
but it should be mostly done by Tuesday!

srry for the delays


sorry for the second edit to this but light is working hard on the client. And we got our interface and loading screen. But we are still fixin some little stuff. but mostly everythings are ready and alset to run. i am sure that we will be up and running by tomorrows. but my Schedule is today @ 5 PM EST

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