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Post by Jake on Mon May 04, 2009 8:19 am

Name: Jake

Age: 16

Location/TimeZone: U.K GM/ london

Online Time: Just started but i will be on almost 24/7

How can I help make a difference: well im an item developer but mainly a map developer so i can make some maps for the server and i am a friendly guy which does mess about to have fun , but i am also a mature person who doesnt use words like noob well only if im messing about Razz

Why I should be hired: well i actually have started my own computer buisness i fix computers take them apart replace them with better hardrives and i hotwire computer's, And i will make maps if i get accepted.

Previous Experience(s): ive been Admin in a server called fristcan gunz. and mod on server called crazy-toffi gunz.

Proof of works: picture of my work station
Jake dev application 3411509895_1e8785c5f4_m

picture of my customized top (not blender)

Jake dev application 3412602524_726bbcb7db

Picture of my blender made top

Jake dev application 3411786653_79c79ae868

people leeched my work cause i posted the link when i got bored ^^ enjoy =D

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